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Steam rooms

The joys of steam bathing have been known and appreciated for as long as sauna has existed. Romans understood the rewards of a rich moist steam cleanse, both for hygiene and the feel of soft, silky smooth skin afterwards. Finns too have taken advantage of the purifying qualities of steam over the years, treasuring a daily bath to unwind tight muscles, stimulate blood flow and re-emerge whole once more.

  • VAPÉ

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    A range of 55 individual models means almost any space can be converted into a personal wellness centre. You can also ensure a good fit with your home decor with a wide variety of door choices, including...

  • Hard foam cabins

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    Perhaps a unique steam cabin with a tunnel or dome roof. A creative bench layout and personal, one-of-a-kind colour styling. Why not go even further, adding infrared cabins, showers, whirlpool or sauna… Now...