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Control units

Managing the temperature, timing and comfort features of your sauna should be as relaxing as the bath itself. Depending on the option you choose, Helo steam control units make it easy to regulate the climate, pre-heat the cabin so it’s ready when you are or just soften the lights — all with a few simple taps on the touchpad.

  • T1

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    It connects to low voltage and can be surface mounted inside or outside the steam room. The display shows time, temperature and on/off, with settings for time preset, on-time and temperature (max. 23 hours...

  • M2

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    It has a built-in temperature sensor to be used when Midi is installed inside the steam room. It’s also possible to connect an external temperature sensor if the Midi is installed outside the steam...

  • Premium WIFI

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    With the ability to schedule weeklyprograms and with a progressivememory and a timer, this control unitallows you to sit back, relax and focuson nothing but your steam bathexperience. The temperature displayallows...

  • Trend

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    The Trend control unit features thehandy delayed start-function that allowsyou to plan your steam sessions inadvance. The built in timer always putsyou in total control. This unit alsofeatures a light...