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The chimney is not only a very necessary part of the fireplace or sauna heater, it can be a décor and mood addition. Best of all, you don’t need have to be a DIY guru or engineering expert to install one—Kastor modular chimneys can be simple to build using our easy step-by-step system. The parts are guaranteed to fit and you do not need special tools to attach them.

  • KC Module

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    Kastor modular chimneys are high quality, safe, and CE certified, and come in a wide range of colours to complement your interior where the pipe will be exposed. The internal piping in Kastor modular chimneys...

  • Chimney set 130

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    The internal piping in Kastor modular chimneys is made of strong, acid-proof steel to withstand heat, cold, moisture and flue gasses. We use two sorts of wool material for insulation and the outer mantle...