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Infrared rooms

Inner, deep-penetrating warmth is one of the most pleasant and indulgent sensations we can experience. That’s why Helo infrared cabins are so special.

Imagine being able to lie back and close your eyes, especially when it is cold outside--and let your cares melt as what feels like tropical sunshine eases in to every molecule.

  • HSI 10

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    The Model 100 has a foot print of only 9 sq. ft. With all the Premium Line features, The Model 100 has the same luxurious features as larger models but is packaged as our smallest model. "Lack of space”...

  • HSI 20

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    With its ultra low energy consumption yet effective, multi-directional infrared generation, HSI 20 is a perfect environment to soothe alone in generous warmth or share the experience with a friend or family...

  • HSI 30

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    HSI 30 makes excellent use of a spare corner or space, delivering instant waves of genuine infrared warmth any time you like. Tune in to your favourite radio station, close your eyes and let Helo seduce...

  • HSI 40

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    HSI 40 offers an exclusively roomy opportunity to relax and unwind. Its deceptively compact exterior and spacious interior make it easy to find room for genuine relaxation — alone or in good company —...

  • HSI 70

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    Inside, the same indulgently healthful features of all Helo infrared cabinets, including multi-directional warmth generation, easy-touch digital controls and an integrated personal sound system. Available...

  • HSI 80

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    A three sided front with large panoramic windows makes this as beautiful to look at as it is to enjoy the soft heat inside. Comfortable seating for four, its L-bench design is ideal for intimate conversation...